Legal Clinic Radio Program Report

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  • July 10, 2007
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The Salonga Law Center had once again demonstrated its devotion towards public service in a fashion both gainful to the public and to the future advocates of law. The volunteers of the center, who are law students of SU College of Law, had succeeded in “rolling the iceball” for about a month last summer vacation in the notable live radio program of DYEM FM’s “Dumaguete Tonight”, featuring Salonga Law Center’s “Legal Clinic”.

It is a one-hour program every Monday tackling common legal issues of Dumaguete and the country. The Salonga volunteers discussed particular issues and accommodated every legal question propounded by listeners via phoneline or textline. The questions were not restricted to the topic and the volunteers addressed any concern as conscientiously as they could. The program had now created a good impression to the public as it has been incessantly patronized by the same. Among the issues already addressed in the program were: Election contests; Employment relationship, benefits, & dismissal; Rape; Sexual harassment; Election protest; Illegal canvassing; Illegal constitution of the Board of Canvassers; Qualifications of public officials; Whether an ABC President who run for Councilor and lost deemed resigned in his previous post upon filing of certificate of candidacy; Wills and succession; Alienation of properties in fraud of creditors; Involuntary servitude; Political dynasty; Terrorism; Prejudicial Question; Robbery and theft; Pool and food contamination in Schools; Waivers in Fieldtrip permits; Substitute parental authority of school, administrators, and teachers; Estafa and B.P. 22; Child labor; Child abuse; and Liability of Post Office in case of robbery. The volunteers are not only proud of the service they’ve contributed, but also grateful for the experience and learning that they’ve earned from this endeavor. (by Florence Ed T. Obial)

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